AWAKE. It´s an idea. A creative impulse. A personal mission. The wish for a sustainable lifestyle in style. We simply call it Zeitgeist.

AWAKE Communications is a boutique communications agency specialized in modern, innovative AND conscious brands. We support purpose-driven brands. Brands, that take on their responsibility. With products that have a relevant story to tell.

Sustainability is our soul. Fashion, lifestyle and beauty our passion. Strategic communication is our strong suit.


Strategy & Workshops

branding & re-branding
corporate wording
personality pr
social media strategy & roadmap
sparring partnership
ad hoc consulting, online consultation hour


press days
shop events
pr events
guerilla events
dinner parties
brand launches

Influencer Marketing

curated seedings, giftings, fittings
long-term partnerships
brand ambassadors
talent scouting


presentation of sample collections
sample management
showroom appointments with editors, stylists, influencers
vip dressing

Digital PR

product placements
brand features
content cooperations
social media networking
storytelling & text editing

Traditional PR

product pr
brand pr
personality pr
media cooperations
brand cooperations
press trips
storytelling & text editing

About us

We are AWAKE. Geraldine Kahl, Sarah Andersen and team. Authentic and transparent. Because brand trust starts with the right partner.

We are a team of specialists in sustainable brand communication. We are visionaries, strategists, storytellers, and networkers. Or just: people with a mission.

Whatever it takes to put your brand in the spotlight. Let’s find out together. Come join the AWAKE Family!